Every Event Needs Music!

Grand Openings

The gala opening of a new business location, community center, or any other public or private building deserves the audio backdrop Start the Party can provide. Pump up the event with exciting music and an emcee to announce your special events.

You’ll create an exciting experience for your guests and a successful event for your organization!

  • Wide variety of music to suit the occasion — From light jazz for an upscale cocktail reception to blow-off-the-doors party music.
  • Draw guests and customers to your event

Sales Events

It’s proven that the right music will encourage customers to spend more time with your merchandise and spend more money with your company. Enhance your next sales spectacular with professionally provided music presented on a high quality audio system. Your customers will never know what hit ’em!

  • Periodic announcements of featured sale items
  • Music to make customers enjoy your event
  • Create an atmosphere of immediacy and excitement to make your event a high-dollar success

Fashion Shows

Whether you’re showing classic, formal or the most modern fashions, use Start the Party to provide the perfect music complement to your fashion show. Our high quality sound systems can easily accommodate 50 to 500 guests and our selection of music is flexible enough to handle the demands of your fashion show. Give your models a beat to move to!

  • Background music to set the mood of your event
  • Rhythm to move your models and spectators

Block Parties

You can invite your neighbors to a block party, but nothing brings a group together like music! Outdoor events are challenging for any disc jockey because they demand much more from a sound system. Choose Start the Party for your block party and give the neighborhood something to talk about!

  • Music for all ages
  • Give teens a reason to come to the party
  • Announce events and involve the guests