Arizona High School Class Reunion DJ Service!

Class reunions need a DJ that understands the music of the era, knows how to involve guests, and will make the reunion an event the class members will never forget!

Cocktail and  Dinner Music

Reunion attendees want to get to know each other again, not the DJ! Cocktail and dinner music provides a backdrop for conversation and enhances the atmosphere of the reunion.

After Dinner

As the event moves from dinner to dancing, we pick up the tempo, add a little more hit music from the class’ graduation year, and start dancing!


Start the Party provides classic music from the school years and hits from today to make the party happen, and requests are always encouraged.

Family Events

Many classes hold family-oriented events along with the traditional dinner and dancing reunion. Start the Party has over 7,000 songs including hits from the 50s through today. Family events come complete with music for all ages, an available wireless microphone and a DJ/emcee to keep the party moving!

Start the Party is the perfect choice for every class reunion!